General Tools

Free remote control tool

MD5 Hash checker / creator


Antivirus exclusions – MyAppSense account required
Citrix Exclusions – MyAppSense account required


End of life support dates
Virtualisation Support Wizard
WMI Code Creator
Technet Gallery
ADFS Troubleshooting
Legacy Support Docs
Office Deployment Configuration Tool

Pricing Overview | Microsoft Azure
VHD Images – Community Produced
Azure Storage Explorer

Best Practice
Server Performance Tuning

Citrix Best Practice Links & Guides

HP Best Practice Guides

End of Life Support Dates

Print Detective
Citrix Quick Launch

Stress Printers
User Profiles

Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit

Community Best Practice Analyzer

Provisioning Services

Best Practices for Configuring Provisioning Server on a Network

Provisioning Services for XenApp Best Practices

Provisioning Services 5.6 Best Practices


Mounting a CIFS share in XenServer

Solution Sizing
HP Sizing Guides

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