Connecting to the registry with PowerPoint

To connect to the registry, we can list our possible choices using get-psdrive. The output will be similar to the below:

Name Used (GB) Free (GB) Provider Root
—- ——— ——— ——– —-
Alias Alias
C 240.39 57.60 FileSystem C:
cert Certificate
D 5.81 FileSystem D:
E 3.64 FileSystem E:
Env Environment
Function Function
Variable Variable

To mount the registry as a drive enter the command set-location: for example

set-location HKCU:

Note the colon at the end of the command.

You can then list the various items by using ls or Get-ChildItem. Setting the drive to the environment (Set-Location Env:) and then using Get-ChildItem lists all of the environment settings for the system

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