Senna the movie

Well, just been to see the film and here’s what I think

A) the racing footage is amazing, very low level and gives you a real sense of the excitement and challenge of getting round the track at high speed, far more so that you get on TV

B) even though I’ve said the above, what the long duration drivers eye view shots show is how slow the cars seem to go ….. Again, maybe something to do with the angle

C) Alain Prost is definitely NOT portrayed as the villain of the piece. You can tell by the way he looks at Senna and talks to him that he really likes him but as senior driver is exasperated at times. Yes, he was upset by a y Kung whippersnapper coming in, going fasternand beating him when he was not only lead driver in the team but also World Champion but thats only to be expected

D) both Senna and Prost did things to win their world championships that they would be less than proud of later on …. But this just shows the will to win at the very top in any sport

E) the scenes of the 3 crashes at Imola are very moving. It’s obvious from the film that Ratzenberger was dead at the time so the footage is quite shocking. To see Senna walking and talking knowing that he only has hours to live is quite distressing, especially when you see him on the grid with only minutes left …… You hope that the ending will change but know it won’t.

All of that said the one thing that everyone should understand is that Ayrtons charity has educated more than 12 million children, far more of an achievement than anything he ever managed in racing. A lasting legacy of which anyone would be justifiably proud.

Also, this movie has reinvented the BioPic using footage of t he person themselves to tell the story. Yes, it’s a documentary but it is also the story of a mans life who managed to achieve everything he set out to do and left the world a better place.

Is it a great movie ? I think it’s one of the best films you will see this year whether you are an F1 fan or not. A simple story honestly and fairly told.

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