HP Sizing and Configuration Tool for Microsoft Hyper-V

The HP Sizing and Configuration Tool for Microsoft Hyper-V is a downloadable, automated tool that provides a quick and consistent methodology to determine a “best-fit” server configuration for your virtualized Hyper-V environment. This tool enables you to quickly compare different solution configurations and obtain a highly detailed, customizable server and storage solution complete with a detailed bill of materials.

This sizer allows users to create new Hyper-V solutions, open already saved solutions, and use data compiled from other tools like Microsoft’s Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit to build rich Hyper-V configurations built on HP ProLiant server and storage technologies.

The sizer allows rapid comparisons of various Hyper-V characterizations and server platform choices. You can select and customize configurations for your particular environment by adding or substituting server types, number of servers, and server components.

The sizer was developed from knowledge gained during performance characterization testing of Microsoft Hyper-V in the HP Solutions Engineering lab in Houston, Texas

HP Sizing and Configuration Tool for Microsoft Hyper-V

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