How to tell if your PC supports XP Mode on Windows 7

Thinking of rolling out Windows 7 ? Then it could be that you will want to run XP Mode for backwards compatibility of older applications. XP mode allows you to run applications in a Windows XP SP3 virtual machine and present the application to the user as though it is running locally on the Windows 7 machine. Well, if you have a fleet of machines in your organisation then its likely you have purchased over time and don’t know which support hardware assisted virtualisation and which don’t. Microsoft have now bought out a simple tool that you can run on a logged on machine (admin privileges using run as required of course) that will tell you if the processor supports virtualisation and, more importantly, if its enabled for virtualisation.

There’s also a command line giving the opportunity to run a start up script and write a log file centrally so that you can see which machines can support this feature and which can’t.

You can download the free tool from

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