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How to duplicate entries in Excel

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

You know how it is. You are filling out an Excel spreadsheet and you need to copy the value above. Now, everyone knows the two ways to do this (copy /paste and to “drag and fill” the data down). Well, I was shown a third way today and thought I’d share it with you.

Simply select the cell where you want the data to be copied into and press CTRL + D (for Duplicate) and that’s it.

Before and After

Piping out to the clipboard

Sunday, November 1st, 2009
We all know how to pipe out to text files, right ? From a command prompt type in your command followed by > and then the name of the file to output the result to.
For example
ipconfig /all > c:\myfiles\ipconfigresults.txt
will put the results of ipconfig /all into a text file called ipconfigresults.txt in the myfiles folder and the more advanced ones among us know how to not only pipe the command out but also open that text file automatically after the command has completed.
For example
ipconfig /all > c:\myfiles\ipconfigresults.txt & c:\myfiles\ipconfigresults.txt
Well, that leaves a permanent file on your hard drive which you might or might not want. Plus, if you want the text in another file you have to open the text file as above, select it all and then copy it to the clipboard.
Now, you can doo all of that in one go without leaving that pesky file behind – just pipe the command to the clipboard !
For example
ipconfig /all | clip
will put the output of the ipconfig / all command on your clipboard. You can now either paste it into notepad for a temporary file or paste it into any more permanent file, as part of producing customer documentation for example.